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Bb: Nikon Ambassador

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If you think there is a chance that I typed the title of this blog without laughing with excitement like a child, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Just reading it draws strong emotion… it is an honor, it is a privilege, it is not deserved and I will forever be humbled to announce that I have been chosen as an ambassador to Nikon. With all the composure I have to have on sets of great responsibility, I had none when I got the call with the formal request to be a part of the Nikon family. I was choked up in the brief conversation that proceeded, and after I hung up I just sat on the couch staring blankly out the window.

Being an ambassador to Nikon means so much more than having my name and picture on their site. It represents validity that what I am doing has been enjoyed by others, and for that I am grateful. Money removed, I would still do this job because it excites those around me, it gives us something to talk about. Recently I learned that the father of a man, for whom I have great respect, is going through a very tough health struggle. The father, in the hospital, asked that one of the photos I took be displayed above his bed. This man, is the reason why I create. He and the many of you like him are my pride and my inspiration.

It is for this reason that congratulations to you all is in order. For without you I would not be a Nikon Ambassador. This honor rests on the shoulders of you that wrote me an email, tweet, text and said you enjoyed a photo. It is because of the people that picked up a magazine that had my imagery on it or showed a friend my website because it had a cool car or famous person on it.

For all that you guys do, Thank You so much.

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  1. Congratulations Blair! It’s an honor that you’ve earned. Enjoy!

    April 23, 2014
  2. I just saw on that you were among the new photo ambassadors added by Nikon. Congratulations! So happy for you, Blair! I’m most happy because I know you are a regular guy who loves photography. I’m so glad my wife struck up that coversation with you when we shared a flight with you some years ago. I’ve been following you ever since. Cheers, my friend! I’m glad to see you are still humble, but trust me, this is an honor you most definitely DO deserve.

    April 23, 2014

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