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Giving Back

Of all the gifts and opportunities that we as photographers will experience through our careers, none are more important than the opportunity to help someone else out. From teaching others your craft to using your talent to enrich someone else’s life, there is no downside to giving back. One such opportunity presented itself about a […]


Fight it as much as I could, this whole Instagram thing won’t go away. Apparently the need for lighthouse pictures has become insatiable to the point that a movement has been made out of it. In all honesty I have no idea what I am going to be publishing on my account, but I guarantee […]

Bb: LowePro Ambassador

I will admit right now, every time I write a title like this or the Nikon, or Maurice Lacroix ambassador one, I sit back and think…. “you know, people are going to stop asking me to grab a beer with them if I keep this stuff up.” Please know that, like the other endorsements, it […]

Bill Biggart

On this, the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I thought I would take today’s post and speak about a reason I am where I am with my career in photography.  There have been many people that I have to thank for helping me in my career, but today’s post is on one that I […]

The iPhone is NOT for Photographers

Part of understanding is the ability to admit when one is wrong. Here and now I need to admit that I was wrong. I have always been a big fan of Apple. It began as a child when I was brainwashed into loving the company by my parents. You see, my Mom and Dad were […]

One Eyeland: Best Photographers of 2014

If you recall a blog from earlier this year, I mentioned my joy and surprise at being selected into the Comm Arts Photo Annual, a collection of images that I always wanted to have my work be worthy of joining. Another such organization who regularly keeps tabs on the best of the best in this […]

How to Light a Football Player

Firstly, I want to thank those that sent over emails or messaged me on FB and Twitter about the new ASU campaign. It was a ton of fun to produce, and when my readers enjoy the shots, it is icing on the cake. As happens a lot, many of the emails had the age old […]

ASU Football : 2014 Photoshoot

Photoshoots are not made by a photographer alone, they are a result of everyone that set foot in the studio that day and sat on the endless preproduction phone calls the weeks prior. When the campaign is released, it will carry the name of the photographer, but I would give anything for it to carry […]

What just happened?

I just witnessed something so random, so bizarr that I am still trying to process it three days later. A situation so confusing that I have pondered the consultation of scholarly journals and the cartoon pages alike. I had just parked in the parking lot at Home Depot (the one at Tatum and Bell Road). […]

Magnificent Desolation

Sometimes watching a watch tick is less about the time it tells, and more about the time it has told. I have to color myself jealous of those that watched their watch tick on this day, 45 years ago. Be it knowledged, or blissfully ignorant of what went into two men walking on the surface […]