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ASU Football : 2014 Photoshoot

Photoshoots are not made by a photographer alone, they are a result of everyone that set foot in the studio that day and sat on the endless preproduction phone calls the weeks prior. When the campaign is released, it will carry the name of the photographer, but I would give anything for it to carry […]

What just happened?

I just witnessed something so random, so bizarr that I am still trying to process it three days later. A situation so confusing that I have pondered the consultation of scholarly journals and the cartoon pages alike. I had just parked in the parking lot at Home Depot (the one at Tatum and Bell Road). […]

Magnificent Desolation

Sometimes watching a watch tick is less about the time it tells, and more about the time it has told. I have to color myself jealous of those that watched their watch tick on this day, 45 years ago. Be it knowledged, or blissfully ignorant of what went into two men walking on the surface […]

River Monsters

:   With all the recognition that this image has received lately, between the CA Photo Annual and Archive’s Top 200 Ad Photographers, I figured I would re-share the story that was the River Monster’s shoot   : Lighting as a thought process is fundamentally easy to apply to schemata, water is not. Sure there […]

Communication Arts : Photo Annual

I was standing in line at baseball game, buying a beer and some peanuts… For many years I have looked at the Communication Arts Photography Annual and wondered what it would be like to be in it. Truth be told, I have only entered it once before, back in 2008. Even worse, I only entered the […]

The Nikon D810

A camera lives a life to do one thing, capture the information that lies before it… nothing more, nothing less. Manipulated by man, there exists no two cameras that will live the same life, for we as photographers make them unique. Be it our style, our situation, life… there will be outer influences on our […]

Restless Leg Syndrome

Catchy title, huh? In all reality I figured I would have a laugh at what kind of traffic makes its way here, no clue of the overall demographic, but positive they are caffeinated. Speaking of caffeinated, I have found the ultimate wakeup when you have to do a pre production call on a seven hour […]

When Nikon took back the Night

Living in Arizona, the idea of walking around during a hot summer’s day to take photos is not what I’d call enjoyable. Between the heat, the insanely harsh light and the heat again, it is hard to find any inspiration to shoot. On the opposite side of the coin, the nights in this desert are […]

An Accidental Addy

Some shoots are easier than others, some shoots have setbacks, and some shoots just go to hell in a hand basket. When this happens on a large campaign, it is the photographer’s responsibility to fix it and he or she should have multiple contingencies planned to make sure that the client gets the shot no […]

Reddit /AMA

With all the craziness that has been the release of the Thunderbirds video last week, there is one request I have received on many different occasions that I wanted to help with. I got quite a few people that asked if I would do a Reddit AMA (for the non-Reddit savvy, that is “Ask Me […]