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McLaren F1 GTR

There are fast cars and then there are fast cars, this is the latter. Today’s car is part two of what looks to be a 30 part series of photographs of cars that I love. One thing that you will probably notice that they have in common is that they are fast, loud and rare. [...]

Danica Patrick

Anxiety, perhaps even call it nerves, has always been a part of my workflow. I thrive on it and, oddly enough, even dread the shoots that don’t stress me to a certain degree. Sometimes it is the worry of failure, the worry of safety, the worry that Murphy and his law will show up on [...]

Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari

For those close to me, you know how much Michael Schumacher’s skiing accent and subsequent critical condition has affect me. He is one of my heroes, and my family are of the many Ferrari tifosi (fans) that have cheered him on through the years. Like so many around the world we continue pray for his [...]

200 Best Ad Photographers: Archive

As I mentioned a few months back, I am honored to have been selected for Archive’s 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide. Today, the book is on the shelves in bookstores that still exist, so go check it out. Thank you to the team of people that made the photoshoot happen and to Archive for the [...]

Bb: Maurice Lacroix Ambassador

I have to admit, after writing the title for this blog, I am still in disbelief. The emotion of it falls somewhere between shaking my head and giggling with excitement. When I wrote my first blog piece about my first watch, never did it cross my mind that someday I might be associated with the [...]

Wine, the other white meat…

Since I was young, I had passions rather than hobbies.  Now that I have grown up, nothing has changed.  With this said, I have a profound fondness of wine. I have seen in movies the romantic scripts that follow the main character as he retires at home, the beach, yacht, etc. to a glass of [...]

Video: An Interview for Movember

Today’s blog is a bit different that the others, mostly because I am in front of the camera on this one. The background behind the video came from the photoshoot with Adam Garone, the founder and CEO of Movember. In between takes, he and I spent time talking about everything from the cause that is [...]

Le Mans: A Shoot that nearly Ended Me

Some photoshoots we love, and others we merely get by…..  this is one that I loved that almost ended me. To say that racing is an important aspect of my life would be the equivalent of saying that I enjoy breathing air.  I love the speed, the sounds that the cars make at speed, and [...]

iPad mini Retina for Photographers

Before we get started, I want to make one thing clear… this is a review of the iPad mini Retina for photographers. With that being said, I will not be discussing the camera on the iPad mini because I don’t know if it even has one…. no photographer should, as no photographer (or anyone for [...]

Bb Guest Blogs for Scott Kelby

I was recently approached by the good people over at Scott Kelby workshops to see if I’d be interested in guest blogging on their site. While I was interested in doing it, the question of, “what the hell do I write about?” seemed to surround me. I thought about lighting, and approaches to optics, but [...]