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Bb: Nikon Ambassador

If you think there is a chance that I typed the title of this blog without laughing with excitement like a child, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Just reading it draws strong emotion… it is an honor, it is a privilege, it is not deserved and I will forever be humbled to announce […]

How to Photograph an Atomic Bomb

Catchy title, huh?  That’s exactly what I thought when I saw a short review on the book by Peter Kuran titled, wait for it…. “How to Photograph an Atomic Bomb” To understand me, you must first know that I have a lot of free time, whether it be on planes or just sitting around the […]

Congrats Bubba…. Again

While enjoying my last weekend off for a while, I took some time to relax and watch some golf. While golf isn’t my most photographed sport, I have photographed one player in particular….. Bubba Watson. He was one of those guys on a photoshoot that you have to remind yourself of his accomplishments, because he […]

1 of 1 Maserati

Today’s post is a truly special one. Before we chat about the specs of the Maserati Birdcage 75, let’s break down how rare this car is… For comparison, the Michael Schumacher Ferrari I photographed was one of almost 20 that he used in 1998 alone. The McLaren F1 GTR, like the F1 car was one […]

Graphis Advertising Annual 2014

Just a quick post today while I try my utmost to adjust back to my regular work routine after one crazy weekend. I wanted to say a big congratulations to the team at Mekanism, Cytosport and the crew guys and gals that helped us create the Muscle Milk campaign. I got the call this morning […]

The ML Tradition: A new class of Retro

I sat at a bar in Las Vegas with Sandro Reginelli, lead designer of Maurice Lacroix. We had just had the watch conversation to end all watch conversations, and decided to celebrate it over a glass of scotch. As is the case with every modern meeting about watches, we immediately started going through watch pics […]

T minus 72 hours…..

A couple years back I wrote a blog similar to this one and I was positive that it would be the one and only time I ever would… I was wrong. As some of those close to me know, I have been working on a personal project that is very important to me over the […]

Egon’s Gone

As a child, I had it all figured out. I knew what car I would drive, I knew where I would live, and most importantly I knew what I would do for a living… I would be a Ghostbuster. Far be it from me to know that the job didn’t actually exist, I was four years […]

Details of a Ferrari F1

A few weeks ago I did a post on the photoshoot of Michael Schumacher’s 1998 Ferrari F300 Formula One car. The images were very broad as I wanted to encompass the experience of seeing the car for the first time. In essence I wanted the viewer to see what I did the first time I […]

McLaren F1 GTR

There are fast cars and then there are fast cars, this is the latter. Today’s car is part two of what looks to be a 30 part series of photographs of cars that I love. One thing that you will probably notice that they have in common is that they are fast, loud and rare. […]